Essential oils and diffuzer vs humidifier vs iTherapy?

Many of our customers have been asking us lately whether a diffuzer with essential oils or a humidifier may do the magic of a purifier. Well, sorry to break the news, but, they can’t.

Essential oils have been making a huge comeback in the past couple of years, and as much as they may improve your general health in terms of soothing, relaxing or calming you down, they’re not good for just about everything. In these times of serious viral diseases for which we still have no response, helping your runny nose or inflammation with a tea tree oil or lavander will do the trick of calming your symptoms. If you wish to prevent a virus from infecting your body in the first place, then, a purifier is your thing. iTherapy and its pre-installed UV lamp sterilize indoor air, making it viruses and bacteria free. That’s what really reduces the risk of getting infected.

A humidifier, on the other hand, is very useful in apartments with central heating where the air tends to be very dry. That’s why people decide to use a humidifier not realising that such an environment is crucial for viruses to spread. That way, you end up solving one problem, yet creating another one.

That’s where iTherapy steps in. It will not raise the level of humidity in your room, it will do something even better! iTherapy will purify and enrich indoor air with negative ions, anti-oxidants and ozone. That’s why there’ll be no need for you to buy extra products, this one will take care of all your needs!