Dear customers and partners, we believe that you are well acquainted with our forms of payment, and we would like to introduce you to the new offer.

We offer you a modern form of financing equipment for legal entities through operating leases.

The minimum total value of the rented equipment is HRK 4,000 + VAT. The minimum value of the equipment is obtained by summing all the leased devices. What are the advantages of financing equipment through operating lease in cooperation with our partner GRENKA Croatia?



  • Rents are treated in the books as a 100% expense and not as a liability
  • you are not reducing the liquidity and creditworthiness of the company
  • you are not deteriorating your credit rating
  • without participation in financing fixed rent In HRK currency (no currency risk)
  • there are no changes in funding conditions
  • it is not necessary to contract an insurance policy
  • you pick up the goods immediately

HOW TO RENT EQUIPMENT? EASY! The authorized person will contact our B2B department and leave basic information about the company to assess the creditworthiness. Our friendly staff will send a request for funding to our partner GRENKE Croatia. The decision on financing is made in a few hours for amounts up to 150,000.00 HRK (net). The processing cost is 0.00 HRK for amounts up to 35,000.00 HRK net! If the financing is approved, you sign an operating lease agreement and pick up the equipment immediately or we will arrange delivery to you.

Don’t tie valuable capital to equipment – invest it in business development! For any additional questions please call the Business Sales Department 09147 77778; or send an email to