#Coronavirus: Mythbusters (and how can iTherapy help!)

It’s been an intense couple of weeks with #coronavirus. As it seems right now, things won’t be any better in near future. There’s no need to panic, but staying vigilant, cautious and up-to-date is essential. That’s why we decided to highlight couple of general rules which are to be followed in order to protect oneself.

1) iTherapy and its pre-installed UV lamp will sterilize indoor air thus making it 99,99% viruses and bacteria free. That way, your indoor spaces such as rooms or offices will be, at least, partially safe.

2) Follow the rules of proper and regular hygiene: Wash your hands according to general recommendations, use hand sanitizers when needed, sneeze and cough using a tissue and dispose it safely, etc. Always keep in mind that these basic rules tend to be the most efficient when fighting #outbreaks like these.

3) Avoid large crowds and group gatherings. This is especially important for senior citizens and persons with higher risk of contracting the virus due to their pre-existing condition.

4) In case some of the symptoms arise, put on a face mask and phone your doctor. Do not leave the house on your own as emergency services will take care of you.

As this image in Croatian says, it is important to stay safe, stay smart and up-to-date as well as supportive of each other!