pročišćavanje zraka u kafićima

The harmfulness of cigarette smoking is a well-known fact. Yet many surveys have shown that the number of smokers is on the rise, especially among young people. The air in coffee bars is loaded with smoke and is of unhealthy quality. It is therefore important that existing facilities introduce the necessary measures to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for their employees and clients. In addition to smoking, the problem is a new era of pandemic in which cafes and restaurants were among the first to enter the lockdown. Because research has shown that Coronavirus is transmitted by air, and in this industry people socialize, talk, eat, drink, smoke and all these actions allow easy and fast transmission of viruses and bacteria.

iTherapy® purifies 99.97% of aerosols, which is why, among other things, it won a gold medal at the world competition “Innovation vs. Corona”

In the research below, look at the results of purification in a cafe in Split, and in a restaurant kitchen.