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Safe indoor air®

Safe indoor air is a sign assigned to a tourist facility based on the assessment, standardization and optimization of air hygiene within a closed tourist facility, regardless of the type of facility and the purpose it serves (studio apartment, hotel, camp, restaurant, etc.)

Tourism is a global economic activity that in the area where it takes place, brings a lot of positive effects, but also a number of accompanying negative effects that are often known and deliberately ignored due to the potential current benefits.
In recent years, the concept of responsible tourism has been introduced into the world tourism dictionary, with the aim of producing significant advances in the use of natural resources in the environment.
Frequent occurrence of respiratory allergic reactions, epidemics of influenza, viruses and above all the occurrence of pandemic coravirus, showed us how important it is to constantly take care not only of the hygiene of physical space but also of air hygiene.
Breathing is our natural right but the pandemic has testified that exclusively breathing clean and hygienically correct air can ensure a healthy and quality life.

In tourism, tourism workers must provide their guests with a clean and tidy space, but at the same time they must ensure and guarantee clean and healthy air.

More about the certificate

Fill out an Application to assess the condition of your facility to obtain the Safe indoor air certificate!

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