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About us


iTherapy uses iThe100 - a patented universal multi-composite filter for active and passive indoor air purification. iThe100 eliminates odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and cigarette smoke indoors

Unbeatable quality

iTherapy is the only air purifier that is in balance with human and his needs. It is designed to meet human needs, to protect it, and to strengthen the immune system. iTherapy with its integrated UV technology removes viruses and bacteria.

It removes radon, formaldehyde, dust particles, allergens and replenishes your air with negative ions and vitamin C. Enjoy clean air in the comfort of your home.


iTHE100- univerzal composite filter

The surface of the universal
the multi-composite iThe100 filter contains a coated layer
vitamin C. Due to the high air flow rate of the device
iTherapy fills the space with vitamin C that stimulates
antioxidant action, in a way that lowers energy
free radicals in the body, prevents them
formation or interruption of a chain oxidation reaction. process
collagen synthesis vitamin C softens the skin.


UV technology

ITherapy device
contains a built-in UV lamp that eliminates up to 99.9% of microscopic viruses, bacteria,
slow fungus and has the ability to work in a wide temperature range. Radom UV
the lamps emit ultraviolet rays into the space which possess the right amount of energy
for breaking organic molecular bonds. How different microorganisms such as
Bacteria, viruses, spores of fungi passing through UV rays come to their genetic
damage. Using a UV lamp reduces respiratory problems, a
breathing problems in smokers are significantly reduced.

Negative ion generator removes inhaled dust for 0%
Removes microscopic viruses, bacteria, fungi spores up 0%

Our awards

Gold medal for the world`s best innovation!
17-22 September 2019

Exhibition of Croatian Innovations- Visionaries that shaped Europe

Gold medal for the best innovation, and special award from King AbdulAziz University for global contribution to air purification filters.


Grand Prix Award for the best European innovation, and for the best female innovator

Bronze medal for innovation

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