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iTherapy the best air purifier




7/6/20 CROATIAN # iTherapy®air purifier  was  awarded a GOLD MEDAL at the international competition Innovation against coronavirus – ˝ Inventions VS Corona ˝
among 202 world products selected to contribute to solving the pandemic !!!

iTherapy® air purifier significantly reduces viruses in indoor air and its value has been recognized by the entire academic world scene since 2018, awarding it for the BEST EUROPEAN INNOVATOR Inga Kovačić Sindik, in 2019 for the WORLD’S BEST INNOVATION WIPO

Thanks to IFIA for the organization, UIH for its support and Inga Kovačić Sindik for their contribution in solving the global problem of the pandemic.

Helps to reduce viruses and bacteria Enriches indoor air with negative ions

iTherapy - air purifier and modulator Helps in reducing viruses and bacteria! Grand Prix award in Germany for the best innovation, and Grand Prix at ARCA2020, in Zagreb! CE certificate, ROHS certificate, NZJZ Andrija Štampar, Hamilton

A sophisticated, smart device that monitors, purifies, modifies the air around us, and at the same time raises our awareness of the dangers in the air around us.



NZJZ “Andrija Štampar”


iTherapy vs.Coronavirus

FOR iTherapy®air purification and enrichment technology.

At the prestigious international innovation fair ARCA 2020, which was held this year with a special focus on coronavirus and the fight against the pandemic, among 200 innovations from over 500 world authors Kristalna Ideja d.o.o. from Split won the GRAND PRIX with its iTherapy air purification and enrichment technology !

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Get rid of bacteria and viruses with the help of iTherapy!

Core advantages of
iTherapy system.

iTherapy air purifier has built in UV technology that greatly reduces
the possibility of a viral or bacterial infection. iTherapy  air purifier sterilizes viruses and bacteria at a 265nm range.

UV Sterilization

UV Sterilization

Fresh air

Fresh air

Reduces viruses

Reduces viruses

Air purifier

Why is it essential?
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Business purposes

These days, every branch is endangered, but especially dentists, beauticians, hairdressers and everyone else who has direct close contact with people. In addition to the recommended protective equipment, regular air purification is also very important. iTherapy air purifier  enters the scene because, in addition to purifying the air, it also replenishes it with antioxidans quickly and effectively

Private purposes

According to the World Health Organization  every eighth death in
the world is to blame for indoor air pollution.
Increasing pollution, except with
respiratory diseases, is also associated with
heart disease and stroke.


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