Indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and we spend almost 90% of our time in them. We are now in a time of global pandemic, which puts us even more indoors and in even greater health danger.

Our technology is designed and patented to do 3 things at once.

Of course the most important feature is air purification. However, the option of informing the user is also essential. By using the iTherapy purifier, we become more aware of the pollutants we are surrounded by on a daily basis, and thus change and improve our way of life.

iTherapy has a negative ion generator that generates 5mil. / cm3 which gives us more energy, more oxygen is created in the room and we become happier and more productive.

iTherapy has an integrated UV-C lamp that has been proven to reduce virus formation, and our five-layer iThe100 filter successfully reduces bacteria, and removes dust, allergens, odors, and formaldehyde.

Currently, this cleansing technology is integrated into iTherapy Model 1, which has been on the market since 2018, and has more than 1000 satisfied customers.

Unbeatable quality!

iThe100 - the key to air purification



iTHE100® - univerzal composite filter

The surface of the universal the multi-composite iThe100 filter contains a coated layer vitamin C. Due to the high air flow rate of the device iTherapy fills the space with vitamin C that stimulates antioxidant action, in a way that lowers energy free radicals in the body, prevents them formation or interruption of a chain oxidation reaction. process collagen synthesis vitamin C softens the skin.

Negative ion generator removes inhaled dust for

UV technology

iTherapy® device contains a built-in UV lamp that eliminates up to 99.9% of microscopic viruses, bacteria, slow fungus and has the ability to work in a wide temperature range. Radom UV the lamps emit ultraviolet rays into the space which possess the right amount of energy for breaking organic molecular bonds. How different microorganisms such as Bacteria, viruses, spores of fungi passing through UV rays come to their genetic damage. Using a UV lamp reduces respiratory problems, a breathing problems in smokers are significantly reduced.

Removes microscopic viruses, bacteria, fungi spores up

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